How a

Microsite works

Microsite Destination builds you a brand new Microsite – for FREE.

We create a one to five page website based on your current branding,
or we can inject fresh ideas. We create engaging, search engine optimised content, and we load it with optimised code. We also optimise it for social media and create Facebook and Twitter accounts for your Microsite. We register the domain and we host the site, all for FREE.

How Microsites compare to other online marketing activites

A Microsite is the most affordable and cost efficient
way of generating online leads.  

With a focused and engaging site, unlimited clicks, mobile optimised site and pay
on results package – it is the fastest, easiest and most affordable route to achieving page one results and will outperform all other online marketing activities.

Unlimited clicks,
mobile optimisation and
pay of results package

Microsites are cheaper, quicker and more effective than paid online advertising (PPC)

Microsite Destination does utilise paid online advertising from time to time, but our extensive experience has found that developing a Microsite to maximise visibility is a faster, more cost effective method. You will reduce your PPC spend while
achieving Page One rankings faster.


The average cost per click with PPC is £10 and it can cost up to £70 per click for popular and competitive search words. On average it takes 20 clicks to generate
one lead for your business and only 20% of enquiries result in a sale.  Therefore,
on average it costs £2000 to obtain one new customer with PPC!

PPC is not always effective for mobile searches, as a very limited number of PPC ads are visible on mobile devices.  As 30% of Google searches are on a mobile, you may be wasting up to 30% of your PPC spend.  You also have to choose which times of day you wish to utilise your daily budget and often it does not stretch to all of the relevant peak times when potential customers are online.

Microsite Generation can create a Microsite from as little as £499 per month.

For this you receive a page one ranking guaranteed within 90 days, though often within 30 days.  Your site is optimised for mobile devices, available 24 hours per day and you receive an unlimited number of clicks.  It is always available and always performing and always on page one.

Microsite Generation outperforms traditional SEO

We are the experts in traditional SEO and can achieve top rankings for your current website.  However, this process is costly, takes several months and ultimately is not sustainable.  Additionally, the more competitive your industry and therefore your search keywords, the more time, effort and money is required to keep a corporate website on page one.  However, Microsite Destination can achieve page one rankings for your new, targeted Microsite in 90 days* for a much lower cost and sustain your position over a longer period.  Plus, we guarantee results or you
don’t pay*.

Target new customers with a different creative and message.

A Microsite is an affordable and fast way to reach out to new markets, without compromising or confusing your existing image or message.  Perhaps you wish to experiment with a price-driven message, but are worried this will damage your premium image.  Alternatively, with a Microsite you can be more fun and experimental than your corporate site, reach younger customers or new entrants to your market.  With a separate Microsite, you can target new customers without compromising your existing hard-fought position in the market or damaging your well-established brand.

Create multiple Microsites
to dominate your market.

(/search engine rankings)

Many of our clients build multiple Microsites to dominate the search engine rankings for their industry or market. Each Microsite is focused on a distinct set of keywords relevant to their industry and has its own creative and content. You can use additional Microsites for each of your products so the focus of each site is distinct, which helps achieve high rankings for each. No matter which keywords potential customers use, the search engine will ensure they find you – fast and first.

Microsite performance is easier to measure

Because a Microsite is a new site of only one to five pages, it is much easier to analyse the performance of your new site.  You can access Google Analytics to understand the performance of your site and easily compare it with your main site. You can measure the performance of your key words and understand your site’s visitors.  Or we can do this for you.

How to make it happen


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Microsite Generation offer you a FREE consultation to ensure we understand your business and customers and to create a brief for our content and design teams. We build your microsite within 7-10 days, though we can do it in as little as 48 hours.  *(This does not include extended client side approval times). Then we create your social media platforms and load your website with optimised code.  You will start seeing results almost immediately and within 90 days we guarantee you will be on page one – or you stop paying.

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